VIDEO | Andonovic: For the first time in history, Washington is imposing sanctions on Pristina, while providing support for Belgrade

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The United States of America imposed sanctions on Pristina twice within an hour and a half yesterday. First, Kosovo's participation in the "Defender Europe 2023" exercise was canceled, then Albin Kurti's government representatives were banned from further visiting the United States, and there was also a threat that Washington would suspend support and lobbying for Kosovo's integration into international institutions.

It is more than certain that the USA is not changing its policy nor its position on the independence of Kosovo, but from yesterday's statements of the American ambassador in Pristina, Jeffrey Hovenier, it is clear that the Americans are fed up with Kurti's policy of constant provocations and destabilization in the north. of Kosovo.

Yesterday, Hovenier clearly and unequivocally pointed the finger at Kurti as the culprit for the current situation, highlighting his concern for the injured KFOR soldiers who suffered as a result of the decisions made by Prime Minister Kurti.

Hovenier also reiterated the US request to the authorities in Pristina: not to insist that the new mayors work from municipal buildings and that Kosovo policemen withdraw from the three municipal buildings in the north, where the majority Serb population lives.

In the meantime, the public has been following the dramatic scenes from Zvečan for days, where more than 70 people were injured, as well as Leposavic and Zubin Potok. Everything culminated with the intervention of KFOR.

The US administration no longer wants to tolerate risking the lives of NATO soldiers and destabilizing the situation in Kosovo, perhaps irrevocably, so the American ally Pristina received the first slap yesterday afternoon.

Hovenier said that the cancellation of Kosovo's participation in the "Defender Europe 2023" exercise is the first consequence for the Government of Kosovo, which rejected Washington's calls to de-escalate the situation in the north.

What is being speculated in the public is, of course, the threat of introducing an international protectorate in the north of Kosovo can harm Pristina the most. It would be a clear signal to all countries that do not recognize independence, and especially to those in the EU, that they should not change their position.

Last night, in a video message, Kurti responded to the announcement of US sanctions on Kosovo and declared Kosovo "the most democratic country in the Western Balkans", adding that "democracy cannot be suspended, nor be someone's hostage".

Kurti stated that the mayors elected on April 23, despite almost no turnout in the elections, are still the only ones who have the legitimacy to be in the municipal buildings and manage the municipalities.

Meanwhile, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed that NATO will deploy another 700 soldiers to reinforce the KFOR mission in Kosovo.

Meanwhile, the protests of a large number of citizens continued in front of the building of the municipality of Zvechan this morning. Representatives of the Serbs announced that today's protests will be more massive. They are demanding the withdrawal of the Kosovo Special Police and the taking over of full control by KFOR, and the release of their two compatriots who were arrested, beaten and are currently in custody.

The situation is calm at the moment.

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