VIDEO | Andonovic: Vucic before the parliament on the European agreement, the opposition demands rejection

Analysis with Dejan Andonović/ Photo Sloboden pechat

A special session for Kosovo is being held in the Serbian parliament today, where the negotiation process with Pristina will be discussed. President Aleksandar Vucic, who will attend the session, announced that he would present the Franco-German plan to the MPs, but he did not deliver that document to them.

According to the announcement of the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, the discussion could last three days. It is certain that the report on the negotiation process with the temporary institutions in Pristina, starting from September 1 to January 15, will also be on the agenda.

It is a document supported by the Government of Serbia, that is, by the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, which refers to the technical dialogue and which details the violence against the Serbs in the past few months.

What was expected to be the main topic of debate in the parliament was the Franco-German or European proposal for Kosovo, but the MPs will not see it. However, Vucic announced that he will speak about him.

He stated that he is ready to be in the Parliament for two to three days, "as long as the discussion lasts".

"The other presidents, when they came, recited their speeches and left the parliament. I am the only one participating in the debate for the fourth time. I am ready to stay for two or three days, as long as the discussion in the parliament lasts, not to go out. "I did everything honestly and I will fight for my country as long as I can and as long as I am president in accordance with my constitutional mandate, not exceeding it for a single moment," said Vucic.

Earlier, Vucic said that if Serbia does not accept the Franco-German plan for Kosovo, which foresees Kosovo's membership in certain international organizations, negotiations with the EU will be stopped and Brussels will withdraw investments and even restore the visa regime for Serbians. citizens.

So far, several unofficial versions of that plan have been published, and the most attention was drawn to the point in which Kosovo's membership in the UN is covered, that is, it covers membership in all international organizations where it believes it should be integrated. According to the non-paper, published by the newspaper "Albania Post", several international organizations are mentioned, namely the Council of Europe, the European Union and NATO.

The opposition believes that the session is pointless if the MPs do not get to see the Franco-German proposal.

Part of the opposition submitted a proposal to the Serbian Parliament for a resolution on Kosovo, which foresees the rejection of the "German-French plan", because it threatens the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Serbia.

In the Resolution on the basic principles for further political action to protect the state and national interests of Kosovo and Metohija, it is stated that "Serbia, in accordance with its Constitution, the will of the citizens and international law, does not recognize and will never recognize, expressly or tacitly in any way, the unilaterally declared independence of the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija".

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