VIDEO | Andonovic: Vucic, dissatisfied with the coalition, will call for extraordinary parliamentary elections

Analysis with Dejan Andonović/ Photo Sloboden pechat

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is dissatisfied with the behavior of the strongest coalition partner, the Socialist Party of Ivica Dacic, and announces the calling of extraordinary parliamentary elections. Apart from the socialists, Vucic said that he is also disappointed by certain party officials of his party who, as he said, have not achieved anything other than personal enrichment and corruption.

"It is better to go into opposition than to let party and private interests run the country. I am ready to go to the elections as a candidate for prime minister, but I will not give in to blackmail - neither from the West, nor from the SPS, nor from false rightists," Vucic said at a meeting at the top of the Serbian Progressive Party, pro-government media reported.

The elections will be held in September this year at the earliest, and the candidate for prime minister will be Vucic, SNS sources confirmed for the Serbian media.

The hint of a complete change of the current political panorama in Serbia appeared at the conclusion of the recent session of the National Assembly devoted to Kosovo. The head of state and leader of the strongest political option in Serbia stated that SNS is alone in defending state interests and that it has the people with it, but not the coalition partners with which it shares power.

"I am very disappointed by the behavior of the socialists, who were somewhere in between, wanting to please everyone," Vucic allegedly said at this party meeting

Vucic also said that "he is fed up with corrupt people who wanted to get rich at the expense of the party, often referring to him in their shady affairs and whenever they had to fight for the country and the people, they were the first to turn their backs." Serbian media say.

This political earthquake comes at a time when Belgrade and the current Serbian government are more clearly announcing that they will accept the recently proposed French-German proposal for dialogue with Kosovo. The main stumbling block is the request from this proposal, which is that Serbia abandons the blockade of Kosovo applying to international institutions, which indirectly means that it gives consent for Kosovo to apply for full membership of the United Nations.

With this, according to Belgrade, Kosovo will be tacitly recognized as an independent state.

Yesterday, the Serbian president told the American special envoy Gabriel Escobar via social networks that Serbia will never recognize Kosovo's independence, an old new position for which it is not clear at this moment what the reaction of the international community will be.

Further distancing the dialogue between the two sides comes with the ultimatum of Kosovo's Prime Minister Albin Kurti, who stated that he demands that Serbia stop lobbying certain countries for their revocation of the recognition of Kosovo's independence. Pristina also demands that Belgrade send positive signals to the 5 EU member states that have so far refused to agree and recognize the independence of Kosovo.

Regarding the main Serbian request, the establishment of a community of Serbian municipalities, Kurti stated that Pristina is ready to allow it, but only if municipalities with a non-Serb majority population enter that community. Practically, Pristina demands that the ZSO not be an ethnically pure community, but that municipalities with other nationalities living in Kosovo also participate in it.

All these developments for the time being indicate that the solution and the continuation of the Pristina-Belgrade dialogue is being delayed again.

It remains to be seen how the political turmoil in Serbia and in Kosovo will end, on which depends the policy from which the final settlement of the Kosovo issue should result.

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