VIDEO | Andonovic: Three countries officially announced the recognition of the Palestinian state, Israel accused them of being puppets of Hamas

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The governments of Ireland and Norway will announce their decision to recognize a Palestinian state today.

Norway will recognize the Palestinian state, Prime Minister Jonas Gar Store said today, Reuters reports, confirming previous reports. Spain is also expected to announce plans to formally recognize a Palestinian state, despite warnings from Israel that recognition would "fuel extremism and instability".

Dublin signaled last week that it would "certainly" recognize a Palestinian state before the end of May.

The leaders of Ireland and Norway, including their prime ministers Simon Harris and Jonas Gare Store, are due to hold press conferences in Ireland and Norway this morning. On this occasion, Ireland and Norway must announce their decision on this, reported the Irish media RTE and "Irish Times" and the Norwegian media NRK and Aftenposten.

Meanwhile, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced that today he will announce the date when Madrid will recognize the Palestinian state.

Less than a month ago, Sanchez released a joint statement in Brussels with the heads of government of Ireland, Slovenia and Malta, in which the four countries expressed their desire to recognize such a state. He also visited Norway and Ireland in April and the three countries said they were ready to recognize a Palestinian state "in close coordination", Norwegian Prime Minister Store said.

Israel reacted expressly to this decision of the three European countries, calling them puppets of Hamas terrorists.

"You risk becoming pawns in the hands of Iran and Hamas," the Israeli Foreign Ministry said in a video message to Dublin on social network X to warn of the fact that "recognizing a Palestinian state risks transforming you into a pawn in the hands of Iran and the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas."

This measure "will only encourage extremism and instability," Israeli diplomacy said.

For Israel, these plans represent a "reward to terrorism" that would make a negotiated solution to the war in the Gaza Strip less likely.

Most of the 193 UN member states – 142, according to the Palestinian Authority – have so far recognized a Palestinian state.

On the other hand, Israel has vowed to destroy Hamas and launched a major offensive against terrorists holed up in the Gaza Strip in retaliation for the October 7 attack that killed more than 1.170 people, most of them civilians. Of the 252 people taken hostage during the attack, 124 are still being held in Gaza, including 37 dead, the Israeli military said.

These announcements about the recognition of the Palestinian state were preceded by yesterday's announcement by the International Criminal Court, which requested the arrest and extradition of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and several of the leaders of Hamas, on charges of war crimes against civilians.

Although most countries rejected this request of the International Criminal Court, Norway became the first country to announce that if Netanyahu sets foot on Norwegian territory, he will be arrested and brought before international justice.

Israel and Netanyahu himself have already called these threats a holocaust against the Jews and the State of Israel.

As an act of protest, Israel withdrew its ambassadors from Ireland and Norway.

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