VIDEO | Andonovic: Navalny's death could have consequences on the US elections?

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Before Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the fate of opposition leader Alexei Navalny led to European and American sanctions and was a major point of contention between the Kremlin and Western countries.

Four years ago, Navalny's poisoning in Siberia soured Russian relations with Germany, where he was being treated.

But despite the assassination attempt on Navalny, the occupation of Crimea and Russian military operations in eastern Ukraine, the government in Berlin was ready to engage in active trade with Russia and the purchase of Russian gas.

US President Joseph Biden said after a meeting with Vladimir Putin in Geneva in 2021 that he had warned the Russian leader of "disastrous consequences" if Navalny died in prison.

On the day it was announced that Navalny had died in prison, Biden gave a brief speech honoring the Russian opposition leader's bravery, accusing "Putin of being directly responsible for his death."

Western media reports that when a direct journalist asked Biden what consequences Putin and Moscow would face due to Navalny's death, Biden replied: "We are thinking about what else can be done," adding that with the sanctions introduced, Russia is already facing "hell of consequences" ".

Many world analysts believe that Navalny's death would have had a huge impact if it had happened four or five years ago, as the EU would have moved from a position of cautious dialogue to a much more open imposition of sanctions and display of hostility. But today, all this has already been applied, they believe.

Navalny's death could also have an impact on domestic political discussions in Europe, where many far-right parties and movements are united in their opposition to the European Union but take different positions on Russia.

Navalny's death may also affect the campaign for the US elections in November. "The efforts of Trump and his team to normalize Russia will suffer a heavy blow," say some international experts, who add that it will be more difficult for Trump to convince American voters and the Washington elite of the need to take a softer stance toward the Kremlin.

Part of the international public also believes that Navalny's death could even lead Republicans in Congress to approve a new aid package for Ukraine, resolving the almost two-month debate.

They blocked the measure, arguing that the record flow of migrants from South America to the U.S. must be stopped before foreign countries can be helped.

Trump urged the party to oppose the deal with Democrats, adding that foreign aid should be in the form of loans rather than grants.

The question now is whether Republican congressmen will listen to Trump, or lift the blockade in Congress on giving aid to Ukraine.

And Trump himself, commenting on the news of Navalny's death, said that Navalny's death made him aware in a completely different direction.

"Alexei Navalny's sudden death made me more aware of what is happening in our country. It's a slow, steady progression with dishonest, radical left-wing politicians, prosecutors and judges leading us down the path of destruction," Trump wrote on social media.

"Open borders, rigged elections, and grossly unfair court decisions are destroying America." We are a declining nation," he added.

Opposite him, the current US President Joe Biden on Friday directly blamed Putin for the death of Navalny in the penitentiary north of the Arctic Circle.

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