VIDEO | Andonovic: The contours of the new phase of warfare in Ukraine are emerging

Analysis with Dejan Andonović, Utrinski Pechat, January 27, 2023 / Graphics: Sloboden Pechat

Former US President Donald Trump condemned the decision to send state-of-the-art tanks to Ukraine, calling the effort to repel the Russian invasion a "crazy war".

In his latest criticism of aid to Ukraine, Trump said sending Abrams M1 tanks represented an escalation that could lead to nuclear war.

"First comes the tanks, then the nukes," Trump wrote on his social media page. "End this crazy war, now." It's that easy," Trump said.

Battles are still raging on the ground to capture the city of Ugliedar in the Donetsk People's Republic, and the Russian military claims that capturing the city will change the balance of power on the frontline.

Russian forces have seen great progress on the front in recent days, especially after the fall of Soledar, the focus of Russian attacks is the city of Bakhmut, which is only a matter of time when it will be conquered.

Russian forces are also preparing for a new offensive towards Zaporozhye. However, despite this progress, the Russian military command has information that the Ukrainian army with about 50 thousand soldiers is concentrating in the front of Severodonetsk, where a strike is expected.

If these forces break through Severodonetsk, the Russian defense line of the entire Donbas region will be seriously disrupted. Hence Moscow's anger over the decision to deliver German, British and American tanks, which, as offensive weapons, should be sent precisely for the needs of the upcoming Ukrainian offensive.

Yet after allegations of tank deliveries and an increasingly clear signal from the West that the war is on, Moscow announced yesterday that it has weapons capable of automatically hitting modern Leopard 2 and Abrams tanks.

Dmitry Rogozin, former head of Roscosmos and adviser to Putin, claims that it is an unmanned ground platform Marker.

This three-ton robot is equipped with modular weapons, including anti-tank missiles, can automatically recognize targets and independently decide what will be the priority.
Rogozin says that to fight Leopard and Abrams, it is enough to load the appropriate profiles into the machine's memory.

However, the Russian media reports that according to the plans, only four such robots will be sent to Ukrainian territory in the coming days.

After the USA and Germany, a number of Western countries have announced that they will send tanks to Ukraine. In addition to tanks from the West, Ukraine also requires additional missile systems and fighter jets.

All these demands and speculations indicate that the war in Ukraine will soon enter a new phase: Land tank and air battles, instead of artillery and missile duels, which have marked the 338 days since the beginning of the Ukrainian war.

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