VIDEO | Andonovic: The truce between Israel and Hamas will be extended, but until when?

Analysis with Dejan Andonović / Photo Sloboden pechat/ EPA

Today is the second day of the two-day extension of the cease-fire in Gaza. As part of an agreed temporary ceasefire, Hamas released some of the hostages taken by Palestinian militants during a major attack on southern Israel on October 7, in exchange for the release of Palestinian prisoners and the entry of more humanitarian aid into Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office says it has received a list of names of kidnapped Israelis to be released by Hamas today during the day. It will be the sixth group of hostages to be released as part of a temporary truce in Gaza between Israel and Palestinian militants.

It remains unclear whether the group of hostages plus ten other Israeli hostages, which was a condition for the possible extension of the truce for another day, will be released.

It remains unclear whether the agreement between Israel and Hamas also covers the other three Palestinian extremist organizations that were identified as part of the Israeli hostages kidnapped on October 7.

Hamas announced today that it is ready to extend the truce for another four days

"Hamas has informed the mediators that it is ready to extend the truce for four days and that, under the terms of the existing truce, it will release the Israeli hostages it is holding.

However, the arrests also brought accusations against Israel that it continues to arrest dozens of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, while exchanging prisoners with Hamas.

In the first four days of the truce between Israel and Hamas, which began on Friday, Israel released 150 Palestinian prisoners - 117 children and 33 women - while in the same period, Israel arrested at least 133 Palestinians from East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Hamas has so far released 69 hostages - 51 Israelis and 18 citizens of other nationalities.

Despite this record, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu reiterated that Israel will continue its military campaign in Gaza to destroy Hamas after the current cease-fire agreement expires.

Today, American President Biden also spoke out and said that the continuation of the path of "murder and war" in Gaza will mean that Hamas has achieved its goal and got what it wanted.

"Hamas launched a terrorist attack because they fear nothing more than Israelis and Palestinians living side by side in peace. "To continue down the path of terror, violence, murder and war is to give Hamas what it wants," Biden wrote on X.

Many world experts believe that Biden's statement is a hidden message to Netanyahu and Israel not to continue the war, which means a softening of the narrative in the White House. Probably as part of the diplomacy that works behind the scenes to calm tensions, and extend the truce.

Biden's statement is interpreted as a kind of recognition of the fact that in Israel's latest war, for now, Hamas has managed to win the media victory in the world by portraying the inappropriate use of force by the Israeli army against the Palestinians in Gaza.

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