VIDEO | Andonovic: The truce should turn into a lasting peace, and Hamas should somehow survive as a political factor among the Palestinians

Analysis with Dejan Andonović / Photo Sloboden pechat/ EPA

The agreement on the four-day truce was honored and with the release of the new Israeli hostages, the Netanyahu government honored its previous condition and extended the agreement for two more days.

The mediators indicated that the agreement could continue for a few more days according to the same principle.

Although the terms of the truce are similar to those proposed by Qatari mediators in recent weeks, Israel's wartime government has insisted that the truce is the result of Israel's military pressure on Hamas. But as some world media remind us, just a few weeks ago, Netanyahu's government announced that it would use force to free the hostages.

By agreeing to the terms of the release, Israel has shown that it can actually negotiate with Hamas, tacitly admitting that it is no closer to destroying a group that has been made illegal and outlawed by recent developments.

On the other hand, Hamas itself is a symbol of resistance to the Israelis among some Palestinians, and they give it more confidence than Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah party, which governs the West Bank. He is accused by some of the Palestinians of being corrupt and of buying peace with Israel at the expense of the Palestinian people.

It is these signals that are fueling growing skepticism that Israel, with American support, can root out Hamas from Gaza.

Despite the ceasefire, fuel supplies in northern Gaza remain restricted by Israeli forces.

A Qatari official says the two-day extension of the truce means at least 20 more Israeli prisoners in Gaza and 60 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons will be freed.

While the Israeli government has yet to officially confirm the extension of the truce, Israel Military Radio announced that a new list of prisoners - who are expected to be released later in the day - had been received.

Israel has added 50 women to a list of Palestinian prisoners eligible for release "in the event" additional Israeli hostages are released, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Office said in a statement.

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi called on world leaders to work "strongly and urgently" to turn the ceasefire into a "permanent ceasefire".

But it remains unclear whether all the conditions for the extension of the truce will be met.

CNN, citing foreign political sources, reported that more than 40 hostages who were kidnapped and taken to the Gaza Strip in the Hamas attacks on southern Israel on October 7 have been captured by other extremist organizations.

Dozens of hostages are reportedly in the hands of Islamic Jihad, and some are being held by Gazans unaffiliated with extremist organizations.

Israeli officials confirmed there was also disagreement over the list of hostages to be released today and said Israel would not accept Hamas breaking the terms of the hostage deal.

There are only 11 people on the list presented by Hamas, among them nine children and two elderly women, and 13 hostages were released in the previous three days. In addition, Israel opposes the separation of families held hostage.

Israeli media, however, later reported that authorities had notified relatives of the hostages who would be released in the coming hours and that the deal was being implemented, and Israel had succeeded in preventing the children from being separated from their mothers during the release.

So far, 39 Israelis have been released, in exchange for 117 Palestinian prisoners, women and minors, and one Russian citizen who holds dual citizenship and was released outside the deal at the request of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

17 Thais and one Filipino were also released outside the deal.

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