VIDEO| Andonovic: Macron sends troops and planes, France a possible target of Russian attacks?

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French President Emmanuel Macron in a recent phone conversation with US President Joe Biden suggested sending Western instructors to Ukraine, but the head of the White House did not support this idea, Politico reports, citing White House sources.

These days, Macron announced his intention to train 4.500 Ukrainian soldiers. He added that, in his opinion, the training of Ukrainian soldiers on the territory of France is not a "factor of escalation".

- During a recent telephone conversation with President Joe Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron suggested sending Western troops to Ukraine to train military personnel in the combat zone - the material states.

According to Politico, the US president expressed concern about the possible consequences of sending troops from any NATO country to an area where they could be in the line of fire. Biden indicated that such a step could lead to an escalation of the conflict, according to the interviewees of the newspaper.

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It is noted that during the talks the leaders of the two countries did not make any decision.

But judging by the announcements, Macron is determined to intervene in the conflict in Ukraine. Namely, he announced today that he will send "Mirage" fighter jets to Ukraine, and the French army will train Ukrainian pilots.

They announce that they will send planes and not that they will sell them to Ukraine, it only further indicates that apparently Paris is ready to intervene directly in the war, that is, to confront Russia in order to help Ukraine defend itself.

All this opens up the dilemma of whether, if this is realized, Moscow will take retaliatory steps.

As a reminder, Russian President Putin said yesterday that any country that provides weapons and soldiers to Ukraine will be a legitimate target of Russian attacks. This statement by Putin practically opens the dilemma of whether, with the delivery of military instructors and fighter planes, France becomes a legitimate target of Russian preventive attacks?

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