VIDEO | Andonovic: China joins forces with Russia and asserts itself as a mediator to stop the war in Ukraine

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Beijing's strategic choice is to strengthen and improve relations with Moscow and this course remains unchanged, Chinese President Xi Jinping said during his meeting with Russian President Putin in Moscow.

The Chinese leader, who arrived yesterday on a three-day visit to Russia, discussed with Putin in the tete-a-tete format, on the topic of bilateral cooperation and the current situation in Ukraine, as well as the peace plan that Beijing recently promoted and refers to the end of the war in Ukraine

This meeting of Xi Jinping in Moscow and above all the meeting with Putin takes place at a time when due to the war in Ukraine, Russia is isolated from the West and President Vladimir Putin is facing accusations of war crimes and is under an arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court .

Although it may seem to have little effect on the reputation of the Chinese president, with this accusation, there is an attempt in the international public to show that Beijing is talking with, for the West, an accused person, that in the future Xi Jingping may be judged as an accomplice. On the other hand, there is a lot of speculation that Putin has allegedly requested and Xi Jinping is coming to Moscow with some kind of help, primarily military and technological, that Russia needs.

Of course, everything is based on speculation, but what is perhaps the most important is that the West, by accusing Putin, practically outclassed the Chinese peace initiative, which on the other hand was accepted by Putin himself.

But now obviously while Putin is in power, there will be no one to negotiate with to achieve peace, so it follows that the war will last until someone wins.

But the unifying factor of Russia and China at the moment is more about joining together in defense against the common enemy, the expansion of the West, than about so much friendly relations. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, China has been reticent about Russian military actions. They recognized the integrity of Ukraine, no matter what that entails, and above all they made it clear that the war in Ukraine does not suit them for the sake of their economic expansion in Europe.

On the other hand, China is slowly stressing the space, with the initiatives of the USA, Britain and Australia, which are forming a naval battle group, which will stop the Chinese military expansion in the Pacific and above all will act preemptively against the possible intentions of Beijing by violent means to annex the island of Taiwan.

As a consequence of all these latest developments, the dilemma remains. How far can China and Russia be together in a possible major conflict with the West?

As for Beijing's peace initiative, which has been completely destroyed for the past two days, it remains to be seen whether the Chinese leader will talk to Ukrainian President Zelensky and thus repeat the success of mediating the pacification between Iran and Saudi Arabia, that is, do with Russia and China.

In case of any success, China will assert itself as a strong diplomacy, which will certainly not be favorably viewed by its opponents in the world.

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