VIDEO | Andonovic: Iran announces revenge but not immediately, Israel expects an attack in the next 24 hours

Analysis with Dejan Andonović / Photo Sloboden pechat / Dragan Mitreski

Israel expects a direct attack from Iran on the southern or northern part of the country in the next 24 to 48 hours, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing a well-informed source.

The American newspaper, citing a source said to have contacts in the Iranian leadership, claimed that no final decision had yet been made on the attack, but that the plan was being reviewed.

The Wall Street Journal also states that a US official familiar with the situation said that US intelligence reports indicated an Iranian attack within days, possibly on Israeli territory.

- The attack plans are in front of the supreme leader and he is still weighing the political risk - said the adviser of the Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Tehran has vowed to retaliate against Israel for the airstrike on the Iranian diplomatic compound in the Syrian capital of Damascus. Seven members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps were killed in the airstrike. Among them were two commanders in chief.

Senior US officials indicated last week that Iranian retaliation against Israeli or US assets in the Middle East is expected and believed to be imminent.

- American intelligence, however, now indicates that Iran is focused on a retaliatory strike on Israeli soil, not on American or Israeli interests elsewhere in the Middle East - the Wall Street Journal states.

The US Embassy in Israel on Thursday warned employees and their family members not to travel outside the central parts of the country.

- Due to increased caution, US government employees and their family members are prohibited from personal travel outside the major cities of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Beersheba - the embassy said.

The Pentagon confirmed that General Michael Eric Kurilla, commander of US Central Command, which is responsible for military operations in the Middle East, was in Israel on Thursday.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin also spoke with his Israeli counterpart Yoav Galant.

- Secretary Austin indicated to Minister Gallant that Israel can count on the full support of the United States in defending Israel against Iranian attacks, which Tehran has publicly threatened - the Pentagon said in a statement.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that Israel will retaliate against anyone who attacks the Jewish state.

- If someone attacks Israel, we will retaliate, we are ready to meet all security needs, both defensively and offensively - Netanyahu said during the speech at the air base in the south of Israel.

Meanwhile, Iran reiterated that it would retaliate for attacks on its consulate in Syria but reportedly signaled to Washington that it would respond to the Israeli attack on its embassy in Damascus in a way that avoids escalation and does not act hastily.

Iran's message was delivered to the US by Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdolakhian during a visit to Oman on Sunday.

Oman often acted as a mediator between the two hostile countries.

The White House would not comment on whether it had received messages from Iran, but said the United States had informed Tehran that it was not involved in the Damascus embassy attack.

A source in the US intelligence community said he was unaware of the message sent via Oman, but added that Iran had been very clear that its response would be controlled and avoid escalation.

Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said on Wednesday that Israel must be punished and that it will. Israel did not claim responsibility for the attack on the embassy, ​​but the Pentagon said so.

Likewise, the United States expects an Iranian attack on Israel, but one that will not be large enough to drag Washington into war, an American official said late last night.

Otherwise, one of the speculations is that in an attempt to restore the broken support of the USA and the communication with the White House, Netanyahu, through the attack on the Iranian consulate, wanted to provoke an Iranian response. Thus, according to these speculations, I would directly involve the United States, especially Biden, who now, due to the large number of civilian casualties in Gaza, is suffering a serious drop in ratings among the Muslim electorate in the United States, if he supports Israel and Netanyahu.

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