VIDEO | Andonovic: Iran defended its honor and took revenge, Israel is not thinking of retaliating for now

Analysis with Andonović / Photo Sloboden pechat

American President Joe Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a telephone conversation that the United States will not support or participate in any kind of counterattack by Israel against Iran, American officials said today.

On April 13, Iran launched hundreds of drones and missiles at Israel in response to an April 1 Israeli missile attack on the Iranian embassy compound in Syria that killed seven Iranian Revolutionary Guard officers.

In a statement released after the Iranian attacks, Biden said he told Prime Minister Netanyahu that Israel had "demonstrated a significant capacity to defend itself and defeat even unprecedented attacks." In that statement, Biden did not mention whether he and Netanyahu discussed a possible Israeli response or possible U.S. involvement.

- I believe that Israel has the freedom to react for its own protection and defense, whether it is in Syria or elsewhere. It is a long-term policy and will remain so, but it does not foresee US involvement in these attacks, the administration in Washington said.

The spokesman for the American National Security Council of the White House, John Kirby, said that the United States will continue to help Israel defend itself, but that it does not want a war with Iran and an escalation of conflicts in the region.

This attitude of Washington only indicates that after Israel's attack on the Iranian embassy, ​​Iran was tacitly allowed to retaliate and thereby maintain its honor and reputation in the region. This conclusion is also supported by the way Iran carried out the attack, with drones that traveled and were expected, thus losing the main factor of surprise for any military operation.

In addition, there was a statement from the government in Tehran, which said that two days before the attack, Iran had informed all the neighboring countries of Israel, in order for them to promptly take measures to avoid unwanted victims.

It remains to be seen if Israel plans to retaliate against these attacks on its own, or if the conflict will once again be frozen for a certain period of time.

It is clear that Israel is in a way a hostage in the American elections because the question is whether if the presidential race had not been going on in the United States, the administration in Washington would have been restrained about the Israeli plans to attack Iran.

All this affects Netanyahu for the time being, who is responsible for involving the United States in the conflict, at least for now to refrain from retaliating against the Iranian attack on Israel.

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