VIDEO | Andonovic: Escalation of the conflict in the Middle East parallel to the tensions in Israel and in the relations with the USA

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Escalating the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah increases the risk of a wider war. Tension in the Middle East is escalating with the opening of a new front on the Israeli-Lebanese border.

The Israeli army (IDF) announced yesterday that it has approved offensive combat plans for Lebanon, as Israel's cross-border clashes with the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah have intensified recently. According to the Israeli General Staff, the commanders also made decisions to speed up the readiness of the forces in the field.

- We are very close to the moment when we decide to change the rules of the game against Hezbollah and Lebanon - previously warned the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, Israel Katz, adding that in a total war, Hezbollah will be destroyed and Lebanon will be seriously affected.

After this announcement, the Pentagon said that the United States does not want the spread of the regional conflict in the Middle East.

- I will not go into hypothetical scenarios and speculations about what could happen, except to say that no one wants the spread of a regional war - said the spokesman of the Pentagon, Major General Patrick Ryder.

As the situation in the Israeli government intensified following the resignation of opposition leader Benny Gantz and the dissolution of the military cabinet formed last October, new tensions emerged between the allies, the United States and Israel.

The White House canceled a meeting between the two countries' top leaders on Iran scheduled in Washington, D.C., following a video by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in which he claimed the United States was cutting military aid to Israel.

US MP Amos Hochstein, during talks with Netanyahu after returning from a visit to Beirut, said that the closest advisers of US President Joseph Biden were angry about the video of the Israeli prime minister, which is why the meeting was cancelled. The cancellation was intended to send a message that the US does not agree with Netanyahu's statement.

Additional tension on the ground comes after yesterday's threat by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah who said that Hezbollah has new weapons and intelligence capabilities that, in the event of an all-out war, could help it hit targets deep inside Israeli territory.

"Now we have a new weapon. But I won't say what kind. "When the decision is made, it will be seen on the front lines," said Nasrallah.

Nasrallah also threatened to attack the European island of Cyprus if war broke out between Israel and Lebanon, reports CNN.

Cyprus will also be part of this war if it opens its airports and bases to Israeli forces," Hassan Nasrallah said in a televised address just a day after Israel warned Hezbollah, an Iran-backed group, that war was imminent.

This is the first time that Hezbollah has threatened Cyprus, which is an EU member state and is located in the Mediterranean Sea, about 200 kilometers from Lebanon. Cyprus has been holding joint military exercises with Israel since 2014.

Nasrallah's threat came as part of a response to Israel's warning. He said Hezbollah "will shake the pillars of Israel if war is imposed on Lebanon."

Tensions between Hezbollah and Israel have been rising since the Hamas attack and Israeli Defense Forces military campaign in Gaza on October 7 that followed. Cross-border attacks between Hezbollah and Israel have intensified in recent weeks, raising concerns about the possibility of an all-out war.

On Tuesday, Hezbollah boasted a 9-minute drone video showing civilian and military sites around one of Israel's largest cities, Haifa. The video prompted Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz to warn of an "all-out war in which Hezbollah will be destroyed and Lebanon badly defeated."

But many believe that this bold statement and promotion of force by the Hezbollah leader confirms fears that Russian President Putin's recent announcements that Russia will begin arming its enemies in the West have begun to materialize.

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