VIDEO | Andonovic: Montenegro facing a political turning point, Djukanovic facing political retirement?

The former president and candidate of DPS, Milo Djukanovic и Jakov Milatovi., candidate of the "Europe Now" Movement, will run for the presidency in Montenegro in the second round of elections scheduled for April 2.

In the first election round, the long-time Montenegrin leader Djukanovic won 35,3 percent of the votes, and Jakov Milatovic 28,9 percent. It disappointed many Andrija Mandic from the Democratic Front, which won 19 percent of the vote and did not enter the second round of the presidential race.

This outcome of the elections fueled predictions and speculations that on April 2 this year it is possible that Djukanovic will lose the elections and go into political retirement.

Namely, for Djukanovic and his election staff, the most desirable opponent in the second round of the elections was precisely Mandic. In such a possible race, Djukanovic would be able to mobilize all Montenegrins and those who are pro-Western. Mandić declares himself as a Serb and together with his "People's Front" party advocated for Montenegro to unite with Serbia and Slavic Russia. Mandić was also accused of being part of the coup attempt organized by Russia in 2016, which would surely have been used to ensure Djukanović's victory in these elections.

However, Jakov Milatović, a candidate of the "Europe Now" Movement, will compete with Djukanović in the presidential race on April 2. Part of the new generation of politicians who do not lag behind Djukanovic in their European ambitions, and unlike the previous president, fiercely criticize the all-encompassing corruption of the ruling DPS, which he called an obstacle on the European path of Montenegro.

Djukanovic was long considered the guarantor of Montenegro's path to the West, which is why his corruption was tolerated. But if Milatović wins, a new generation of politicians will enter the scene, whose pro-Western orientation is unquestionable and who will be welcomed both in Brussels and Washington.

"Montenegro is on the verge of a historical turning point, and difficult times await Djukanovic: if Djukanovic loses his presidential immunity, he will probably be threatened with new investigations for abuse of power and corruption, Western media assess.

And Jakov Milatović himself is almost sure of his victory. He said that Djukanovic will finally become a part of the political past on April 2.

I was three years old when Djukanovic entered Montenegrin politics. Enough is enough, Milatović has said enough.

But in addition to support from the West, Milatović will obviously also have the support of the voters of the third place in terms of votes won, Andrija Mandić, whose policy in the past years was based on a single goal, the overthrow of Djukanović. Former Prime Minister Dritan Abazović also announced that his political group will not support Djukanović in the second election round.

Good connoisseurs of the situation believe that Djukanovic still has huge support, and that with his 30 years of political experience, he is not to be underestimated.

It is expected that he and his DPS will make every effort to bring the citizens to vote. Djukanovic traditionally has the support of Bosniaks and Albanians. Also, with the help of some businessmen, he will try to bring as many voters as possible from the diaspora, where he enjoys great trust. The Montenegrin media speculate that there are already scheduled flights from the diaspora that would come on April XNUMX and vote for Djukanovic.

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