VIDEO | Andonovic: Putin's arrest will be a declaration of war, the nuclear threat again relevant?

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If the Western countries supply Ukraine with ammunition with depleted uranium, they will irreversibly lead the world into a dangerous phase, that is, towards nuclear armageddon.

This is Moscow's assessment after it told the White House administration that depleted uranium ammunition is a common type of weapon that has been used for several decades and does not pose a greater danger.

The Russian ambassador to the USA, Anatoly Antonov, assessed that the American authorities had reached the bottom with their irresponsible statements. Ukraine is constantly supplied with deadly weapons that kill civilians, houses, schools, hospitals, kindergartens, Antonov said, qualifying the position of the White House as dangerous.

The Russian ambassador drew attention to the fact that the negative consequences of the use of this type of ammunition are constantly confirmed by Western journalists. When using this type of ammunition, radioactive dust, which is incredibly toxic, is subject to decontamination and can cause cancer.

"The Americans know this very well, because they used such weapons in Iraq and Yugoslavia. "The victims suffered from deadly diseases, and their children were born with birth defects," the Russian ambassador recalled.

The decision by the British Ministry of Defense to send Challenger 2 tanks and ammunition containing depleted uranium to Ukraine threatens to lead to a serious escalation of the war in Ukraine. Immediately afterwards, Moscow announced that this weapon would contain a "nuclear component". This accusation caused a huge controversy among the world public. However, the British deny these allegations and assess them as a "Russian hoax" by Russia. However, in the decision, not only the nuclear components are suspicious, but also the depleted uranium itself, which in certain cases can cause serious consequences for the health of the wider population.

Namely, Britain stated in a statement that depleted uranium "is a standard component and has nothing to do with nuclear weapons" and that the British army itself has been using this ammunition for decades.

"Russia knows this, but it is consciously trying to misinform the public. "Independent scientific studies have confirmed that any impact on human health and the environment from the use of depleted uranium munitions is likely to be small," the statement said.

The reaction followed Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov's statement that sending depleted uranium munitions to Ukraine would mean Britain was "prepared to violate international humanitarian law, as in 1999 in Yugoslavia".

"There is no doubt that this will end badly for London," Lavrov threatened.

Namely, Moscow under the Yugoslav scenario, means the NATO campaign with the bombing of the cities in Serbia in 1999.

And while the warring parties and Western allies of Ukraine accuse each other of whether and how toxic this weapon is, official research shows that it is still radioactive waste.

Namely, it is a question of a toxic material, which requires long-term storage, while it is necessary to comply with all strict regulations. Like nuclear waste, depleted uranium is expensive to store but relatively cheap to produce. Great Britain, according to the latest information, has at least 30.000 tons of this material in its reserves.

According to scientists, it can cause long-term consequences for the population living in the environment where it is used. It is dangerous for human health and the environment in a time average of four to ten years.

As additional tensions comes the statement of former Russian Prime Minister and President Dmitry Medvedev who, from the position of a member of the Russian Security Council, warned that the eventual arrest of Russian President Vladimir Putin following the warrant issued by the International Criminal Court would be a "declaration of war" on Russia.

"Let's imagine that the head of state of a nuclear power goes to Germany for example and is arrested. What is that? Declaring war on Russia," said Medvedev.

If that happens, then "all our capabilities, missiles and so on, will fall on the Bundestag, the office and so on," Medvedev threatened.

On March 17, the ICC issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom it suspects of war crimes, including the illegal deportation of children from Ukraine to Russia.

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