VIDEO | Analysis: The protests in China are proof that the voice of the people must always be heard

China protest/ Photo: JOSH EDELSON / AFP / Profimedia

Across the streets of several Chinese cities in the past few days have erupted large protests against the covid policies of the Communist Party. The country, in which such protests are very rare, surprised foreign observers.

China's Covid policies have angered the citizens, who in the last year have watched the rest of the countries in the world ease the measures and return to "normal" life. The Communist Party led by President Xi Jinping has no intention of withdrawing the controversial "zero-covid" policy yet, and Xi himself said it would "take appropriate action" to end the protests.

The protests in Beijing are marked by the "white sheets", which reflect the situation with the covid crisis in the world economic power. The demonstrators called their protests "white paper revolution".

The police started massively arresting the demonstrators at the protests, and they asked some of them to delete the photos from the protests.

Mass protests also erupted in the largest iPhone production factory, Foxconn, where employees endured inhumane conditions for months.

Such protests are proof that the voice of the people must always be heard. The Chinese rarely decide when to protest, but these days it has been proven that they too have the right to speak their mind.

But few believe that the authorities in China will change their minds. We can only hope that the protests will be held peacefully and without victims.

Western experts fear that the Beijing authorities may use force against the protesters, which would be horrific but also unexpected.

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