VIDEO | Anna Voronina, journalist in Russia 24: OSCE is a good platform for dialogue, we should solve the problem together

Anna Vornina, journalist at Russia 24 TV/Photo: Sloboden pechat/Metodi Zdraev

At the OSCE Summit in Skopje, we spoke with Anna Voronina, a journalist from the Russian television channel Russia 24 who arrived together with the Russian delegation led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov.

Q. How do you see the presence of your minister here in Skopje?
Last week and this week there were many talks about whether Bulgaria or other countries will allow a flight to Skopje for our minister. We were very interested in that because last year Bulgaria, Montenegro and North Macedonia banned flights for our minister. Today I see this not as a victory, but that the European countries are ready to continue the dialogue with Russia to find some ways to solve this problem. Because it is not only a problem for European countries, it is not only a problem for Russia, I think it is a problem for all countries, for the overall international stability. So we need to solve this problem together. This platform, OSCE is good for dialogue, I can see that. Our minister can meet many representatives of other countries. There are bilateral talks today, for example with Italy, with Malta to find some peaceful ways or some ways for a new dialogue. I think that, as I see it, this is not a victory, but perhaps a victory for both sides (Russia and OSCE).
Q. Yes, but some ministers did not come because of his visit and some left earlier?
Yes, that's fine. Everyone has free will to be here. I understand the position of Ukraine and the Baltic countries. They did not make the decision today. We have had a problem with relations at the political level with these countries for many years, so this is not a one-day decision. We were ready for such moves, but for me, it's strange, I can't understand, if Ukraine wants to end this, why they don't want dialogue, maybe not directly with Russia, but with the help of other countries. For me this summit is a good place for that, why can't it be done here?
Q. I don't know if you heard Borel when he said that Minister Lavrov will have a chance to hear who is responsible for the war?
I think these almost two years there were a lot of accusations, we heard a lot of double standards maybe. If you see the situation in the Middle East the double standards are showing now. I feel that if not only for listening but for finding a new way of dialogue.
Q. Did you expect a meeting with Blinken?
No, because yesterday and two days before, our Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed the media that there will be no meeting between Lavrov and Blinken because the USA did not request it.
Q. And you asked us too?
Our media didn't ask us if there was such an offer, I just don't know.

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