VIDEO | Aliu: Nothing should be left to self-regulation, the media framework should be created by journalists

Azir Aliu - Minister of Information Society and Administration / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

The Ministry of Information Society and Administration, whose domain includes the media, prepared amendments to the laws on media and the Law on Audio and Audiovisual Media. Journalist associations are already reacting that they are against the online media entering the legal framework, but that their work should remain in the domain of self-regulation, through trade unions.

- In MIOA there are three working groups that work on non-traditional media. I believe that nothing should be left to self-regulation, but on the other hand, I am not in favor of strict regulation of opinions, why are you stifling journalists and that innovation inside. Therefore, together with the journalists, they should create a framework themselves, but there must be a framework. We have insufficiently informed citizens about what is fake news and what is reality, insufficiently informed students and pupils where to read and what to read. Insufficiently informed politicians and public administration on how to treat citizens and how transparent they should be, and we must work on that ecosystem together. The state together with the people must sit down and be realistic. To define the problems that online media have, and there are many of them. I was surprised how big your editorial office is, and on the other hand, there are media outlets with one employee. At the end of the day from this point of view you are the same. So he is an online media and so are you, but the result and quality are not the same, Minister Aliu is decisive.

During his guest appearance on the show "Free Press", he emphasized that the issue of online media is very sensitive, even in the European Union.

- There is no clearly defined EU directive on this, it is said publicly where the line is between regulation and stifling the freedom of the media and we must be clear not to do more damage than regulation. AVMU is responsible for creating values ​​in the media. There are also non-governmental organizations that deal with ethics in the media, and they have more funds than the state media. We as a country must recognize the media as such. At the moment, every day a part of the media is created and every day it dies, and some of them are created with the intention, for example, a media is created to defame an institution and then it will disappear from the air. And that should not be allowed, for your sake and for the sake of the citizens. An ethical approach, professional and one must know the responsibility at the end of the day for each of us, emphasizes Aliu.

The Minister of the changes in the Law on Audio and Audiovisual Media Services, which in some way introduces state funding in private media, which journalists and experts have already reacted to, said that it is still necessary.

- The state must create an environment for media freedom. If you are afraid, if once a process is misused. The conclusion of the experts is that this period is the best for the state to invest in that environment of the media in order to have diversity in the media. All media, it will already be legally known that they will have an inflow from the state in order to work. There will be a transparent allocation of funds. The state will allocate funds, you as a honey be responsible for their use. But those funds cannot be spent on luxury, but on training, infrastructure, new technologies, adds the minister.

On the reaction of the journalistic associations that there is no need for this law to be adopted after a shortened procedure, with a European flag, the minister is decisive:

- The EU flag is because it has values ​​that are related to EU directives. The campaigns will not be defined by the Government but by the assembly, by the assembly body. It is like that all over the world. For example, we are now working intensively on the digitization of public administration to reduce corruption quickly and efficiently. Why not seek a public campaign for it. Because of the traumas we have, we associate state campaigns with this type of pressure on the media, but it will not be like that, assures Aliu.

Watch the entire conversation with Minister Azir Aliu below.

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