VIDEO | Aleksandar and Dac: We will sing beautiful, old songs, which will bring the old Skopjes back to some good times

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Dragan Spasov-Dac and Aleksandar Mitevski at the request of their many fans, they are finally organizing birthday party that will bring them together at a concert of the beautiful green garden on the roof of the City Shopping Center. It's an occasion the fourth birthday which celebrates the musical duo, a Free Press met the main "culprits" for this big party, right on the green garden in GTC. In a pleasant atmosphere we talked with Dac, Aleksandar and with the director of GTC, Gjoko Trajchevski.

The fellowship is announced for September 29, Friday, from 20:30, and the people of Skopje can expect an evening filled with famous festival choruses, evergreens and interesting city stories.

– Our concert will take place on the green garden in GTC, which we wanted to do with a measure for the people of Skopje. We have been asked for a long time: "When are you going to do something for Skopje, something that will remain only for the people of Skopje?", and we decided to do it here in GTC, because this is a monument, which is left over from a time, as it is, authentic. We will sing some beautiful, old songs, which will bring those old Skopjes back to some beautiful times - says Dac.

This special evening will remind the audience of the time when Skopje and GTC were part of everyday city walks. A birthday present that Dac and Alexander have been preparing for the past 4 years, since they have been working as a musical duo.

- It seems to me as if we have existed for 40 years, because we are very active every day. We were with the people during the entire pandemic period, and day and night we gave a ray of hope to the people. Since then all the calls have been directed to that, when an opportunity opens up to do something, where everyone will be free to come. That is why we are doing this concert for all generations, and the occasion is our fourth birthday. Entry is free and we want to fill and enrich this space with beautiful songs and beautiful people. We have brought back some songs from old Skopje festivals and besides ours, you will also hear some beautiful choruses from that time. Let this be an occasion to get together and do something nice for both Skopje and GTC - says Mitevski.

- If so far we have had special stories at all gigs, here will be the biggest one, some people will also appear, who will say something about Skopje and GTC. When we suggested to Gjoko Trajčevski, the director of GTC, that we do the concert here, he immediately accepted the proposal and said that he liked the idea very much - reveals Dac.

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The green garden on the roof of the city's shopping center is a beautiful corner, which citizens use to drink their morning coffee, take a breather from their work duties or have a romantic meeting. The space is also used as an alternative stage for entertainment and cultural events, so this concert by Dacs and Alexander will be a great opportunity to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere filled with beautiful music.

- This concert means a lot not only for GTC, but also for the citizens of Skopje and the country. Let's go back a bit in history and remember that the first foundations were laid in GTC in 1960, the first shops started operating in 1972, and they were located where the parking space is now. Otherwise, I am very happy that together with Dac and Aleksandar we will have a nice party in GTC, and the citizens of Skopje will have the opportunity to have fun. There is interest in organizing events here on the green garden and we always have many visitors, so I believe that the concert of Dac and Aleksandar will also have a large attendance - said Gjoko Trajchevski, the director of GTC.

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