VIDEO: Alejna from Kochani prevented from wearing a headscarf to school, Deputy Minister Nuhiu came to stop the discrimination

Photo: Civil / printscreen

A Muslim girl from Kočani complained of discrimination after she was not allowed to wear a headscarf at school. The sixth grader Alejna Ismailovska says that the class teacher at the "Malina Popivanova" school addressed her with the words: "You can wear a headscarf in the mosque, but it is forbidden in school." The teacher and the psychologist later told her the same thing, the girl claims.

The father Engul Azizov, in a statement about "CivilHe further accuses that when he went to the school to ask for an explanation as to why his little girl is not allowed to wear the headscarf, which he says she wears only this month due to the Ramadan fast, he was "brutally kicked out of the school" by the teacher. Azizov says that the teacher addressed him with the words: "Go outside and if the girl comes to school tomorrow with a headscarf, we will not accept her." You will bring me scarves here... this is not Skopje or Tetovo".

In contrast to this, the school says that Alejna was not insulted, nor was she banned from attending classes, nor is there a ban on the wearing of headscarves by schoolgirls.

After this, the parents reported the case, and today the Deputy Minister of Justice was at the school. Agim Nuhiu and the Secretary of State Muhammad Tochi, who spoke with the director Blagoj Petrov and came to the conclusion that the student would be allowed to wear the headscarf during class.

"The parents said that Alejna was prevented from continuing her education because of the headscarf at a school in Kočani!" The scarf of one of our sisters is not disdain, but thanks from everyone who decides to wear it! No one can be above the law! Justice and dignity for all", Nuhiu wrote on Facebook in Macedonian, Albanian and Roma languages.

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