VIDEO | If we can slaughter lambs and calves, will we only keep dogs? - asks Merko

Merko congratulates the independence day of Kosovo, February 17 / photo: Facebook/Ramiz Merko

The mayor of Struga, Ramiz Merko, stated today that it is completely justified and normal to kill stray dogs, adding that in rural municipalities they filled entire tractor trailers with killed street dogs, he reported "Ohrid1".

"If we can slaughter lambs, slaughter calves, slaughter sheep, rams, beat wild animals, catch fish, we do everything we need for our life, and we will only keep dogs?" Yes, let them keep those they have at home, everything else cannot be kept. And the law says that risky dogs should be destroyed, and how do we know which ones are risky? People are killed, so someone does not bear responsibility, dogs are killed, so the mayors should bear responsibility," said Merko at a session of the Council for the Development of the Southwest Planning Region.

"I have released a proposal for amendments and additions to the law in my opinion, but we should do this together. At one time we beat them all. And we were protected by law. We tendered with the hunting company, they went out at night and any dog ​​that was out of control was removed. Here I will openly say that after the village municipalities they destroy them. Whoever wants to say what he wants. Here, I openly say, I'm not afraid of the law or anything: "One told me in Misleševo, I filled a whole tractor." They attacked goods, they attacked people," added the mayor of Struga.

Merko's statement comes after a few months ago, a terrible massacre of street dogs took place in Struga, when a man armed with a rifle walked the streets of the city looking for dogs to shoot.

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