VIDEO | Ajvar in a tube like ketchup: A hit product or the ultimate Balkan heresy?

Photo: Podravka

The Croatian giant from the food industry, "Podravka", announced that it was the first in the world to launch ajvar packaging in the so-called "squeeze" plastic packaging, similar to those in which we are used to buying ketchup, which will completely replace the glass jars for packaging the Balkan specialty.

The project for the new packaging was co-financed by the EU and the Croatian government, costing 5,5 million euros. It includes the completion of works and investments in the modernization of the fruit and vegetable processing plant, new technologies and new products.

On social networks all over the Balkans, the Croatian company's move was met with ridicule and amazement, while "Podravka" says that the ajvar packaged as ketchup was already becoming a hit on the market.

"With this investment, we have made it possible to increase the capacity for processing fruits and vegetables, but its greatest value is the line that allows us a completely innovative way of packaging ajvar and other products." We are proud that our team of experts has designed a packaging for ajvar, which is the first of its kind in the world and is already becoming a hit among consumers. The modernization of Podravka's production facilities is in full swing, which will allow us to make additional innovations and strengthen our competitiveness in the 70 countries to which we export our products", said the president of the Management Board of Podravka, Martina Dalić.

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