VIDEO/ Agushi: Old quilts are not thrown away, they are left as a legacy

Nusret Agushi - quilter/Photo: Metodi Zdravev

Free Press in support of the old crafts from the Skopje bazaar. Through interviews with the artisans, he will try to save them from oblivion, to acquaint the young generations with the tradition that has been maintained in the Bazaar for centuries. Perhaps the contributions will be an incentive for a young man to choose a trade as his future profession and thus continue the tradition. This will save the shops from permanent closure.

Nusret Agushi is a quilter. He has been professionally engaged in making quilts for fifteen years. He says that it is very difficult to survive. This profession is not a family business, he got into it by accident and has been working for many years.

- Quilting is not a family business, I entered this trade as a child, the working conditions are disastrous. People no longer appreciate the traditional, they give priority to the imported. The tradition must be maintained - says Agjusi.

According to him, the cooperation with the Guild must be maintained, because it is the only way for the Skopje Bazaar to function.

- I don't know if anyone will succeed me, the conditions in the country are disastrous. I appeal to the citizens if they have quilts with cotton and wool not to throw them away to bring them to be processed and they will have new quilts from the old ones. Everything changes, only the filling remains - says Agushi.

According to him, synthetics do not warm, the natural quilt is a heritage, it should not be thrown away.

- The tradition is dying out, we have "Yorgandziska Street" in the Old Bazaar, there used to be 30 shops, now there are only two. Pillows filled with cotton are also being restored. The trade has no limits, no matter how old you are, you always learn - says Nusret.

The machine he works on is 35 years old, an inheritance from the man who handed him the trade. He tells Sloboden Pechat that one quilt takes a week.

- I am thinking how to continue the profession. A call to young people to come and see how things are going, so far no one is interested. They themselves see that it is difficult to survive - says the quilter.

Watch the process of making a quilt and the entire interview in the video of colleague Agnesa Chavoli:

Tomorrow, watch the video about one of the last craftsmen who makes shoes by hand - Kazim Matoshi.

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