VIDEO: The explosion of the Kakhovka dam, which flooded 29 towns and villages along the Dnieper

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Videos of the explosion of the Kakhovka dam, which, according to the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs, are being published on social networks Igor Klimenko led to the flooding of 29 towns and villages along the Dnieper River.

On the Telegram app, Klymenko announced that 10 of those settlements are on the Ukrainian side of the river. The head of the Ukrainian military administration in Kherson, Oleksandr Prokudin, previously announced that Ukraine had evacuated about 1.700 people from flooded areas by 13 p.m. local time.

Russian and Ukrainian authorities accuse each other of shelling the dam, which led to flooding that displaced thousands of people and left hundreds of thousands without normal access to drinking water. Kiev claims the bursting of the Russian dam was an "environmental bomb of mass destruction", while Moscow says it was an act of terrorism carried out by Ukrainian forces as part of their counter-offensive.

After the news that more than 300 animals died from the spilled water from the Kakhovka dam, footage of a fish plague is now being published.

VIDEO: Over 300 animals died in a flooded zoo after the Kakhovka dam explosion

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