Joke of the day: Blonde in summer

Joke of the day / Photo: Free Press Archive

Summer. Heat. A very pretty, beautiful and gifted blonde is walking down the street. Everything is fine, there is only one small problem.
One of her breasts protruded beyond the neckline of the T-shirt. All the men stare without blinking. They stare, but no one dares to speak to her.
Finally a policeman decides to fulfill his obligation. And he approaches and says:
– Good day, madam!
- Good day! - The woman answers.
- There is a small problem with you.
- Is that so?! What kind?
– One of your breasts has come out. Pick her up please, because you are so distracting to the men, they will have an accident.
She looks at her cleavage and shouts:
– Oh wow, God! I forgot the baby in the mall!

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