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Joke of the day / Photo: Free Press Archive

Due to the frequent spacecraft crashes, the Americans refused to fly, so NASA had to announce an international competition for astronauts. A German, a Russian and a Macedonian applied.
The German was asked first.
- How much do you ask to fly?
- Two million euros. One for me and the other for my family, if something happens to me.
Next, they asked the Russian.
- How much do you ask to fly?
- Three million euros. One for me, one for my family if something happens to me and one for Russia.
Finally, they asked the Macedonian:
"Four million euros!" Shouted the Macedonian.
- But come on, don't you exaggerate a bit ?!
- Well, this is how things are: One for me, one for you because he found me a job and two for the German - let him fly!

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