Joke of the day: Mask

Joke of the day
Joke of the day / Photo: Free Press Archive

Trpe and Trpana agreed to go out to the bazaar for "Halloween" to see how people would be disguised, so Trpana started preparing early in the afternoon.

She looked in the mirror, muttered dissatisfiedly and asked Trpe:
- Be patient, darling, am I still beautiful and handsome?

Trpe muttered something, and Trpana opened the women's magazine on the table, found a recipe for a natural face mask, mixed it and put it on her face.

So she spent the whole afternoon at home, Trpe looked her in the eye, but did not object, so Trpana took off her mask an hour before departure and stood in front of Trpe:
- What do you say, Trpe, did the mask help me?

Patience shrugged.
- Yes, darling, but while he was wearing it, not anymore!

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