Veterinarian Reveals: Do Cats Feel Guilty?

Photo: Pexels / Vadim B

After the cat scratches your furniture or urinates around the house, sometimes it looks like she's sorry. But what do the experts say?

Cats sometimes give the impression that they know exactly when they have done wrong, and even regret the act. If you thought so too, we have to disappoint you, because experts say that cats are not capable of feeling guilt.

When people do something wrong, careless or accidental, they usually feel guilty. It dictates the moral code of conduct we learn from our earliest years, a tool that allows us to coexist with other members of the human race.

Unlike us, cats are not bound by any moral code of appropriate behavior. Cat items have no value, and they don't know how much money you shelled out for a new leather sofa, or how much money the items they can easily destroy are worth.

Cats don't understand why scratched furniture makes you angry. Therefore, punishments in cats are not effective in any way.

But that's why cats understand that you're angry even when you're not relaxed. Although they do not feel guilty, this can lead to behavior reminiscent of sad eyes, drooping ears and a tucked tail.

Feline behavior expert Veterinarian Teresa L. Deporter says that cats are very bad at reconciliation and have no innate ability to resolve conflict (either fight or flight).

According to her, this is because they are naturally very individual animals unless they are forced to live together.

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