Cyclists will have parking in front of each building in the Center

Bicycles, Photo: Archive

During the construction of each new facility in Centar in the future, bicycle parking lots will be installed, in the spring certain days will be introduced as days without cars and standards and procedures for development of bicycle infrastructure in the municipality will be developed. This was agreed at the meeting of Mayor Goran Gerasimovski with representatives of the initiative "On Wheels", which reviewed the ten requests that cyclists submitted to the candidates for mayor in the pre-election process.

Some of the requests, which were submitted to the Mayor Gerasimovski by "On Wheels", as they say from the Municipality of Centar, are already being implemented. These are those that refer to free sidewalks and quality public space, closing part of the streets for traffic, especially in Debar Maalo, which will open these streets for walking and cycling.

- My commitment is greater use of bicycles because they bring long-term benefits, both for the municipality and for the personal health of the citizens. We must change our habits by using the bicycle more often as a means of transportation. In fact, with more frequent cycling we will reduce traffic congestion, which is a serious problem, especially in the Center, and we will have a positive impact on the preservation of the environment - says Gerasimovski.

According to the mayor, all local governments should have a much more serious approach when creating projects in municipalities.

Ten days ago, the "On Wheels" initiative addressed all 10 mayors of Skopje municipalities and the mayor of the City of Skopje, reminded them of the main 10 steps to pedestrian and bicycle Skopje and requested a meeting with them. As they say, so far only the mayor of Centar has responded, and a meeting has already taken place with the mayor of the Municipality of Aerodrom, Timcho Mucunski, on his initiative.

At the end of the summer, "On Wheels" sent a letter to all political parties, participants in the election process, in which in 10 points he summarized the areas where the future local government in the City of Skopje and the municipalities need to work. According to them, these are: free sidewalks and quality public space, Bicycle network plan, Vision zero and Zone 30, bicycle parking lots, bicycle subsidies and bicycle equipment, days without cars / streets for people, Vardar quay to become the main bicycle highway west-east of Skopje, standardization of the planning and design of the bicycle infrastructure, system for renting bicycles and change of the traffic system of Skopje.

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