UK considers banning vaping e-cigarettes, Australia repeals them

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Great Britain is considering completely banning the sale of ie. "vejp" - electronic cigarettes. The ban comes after the analysis by health professionals that the use of this type of cigarettes has increased drastically among the young population from 11 to 17 years old. The United KingdomLithuania is the second country to ban electronic cigarettes after Australia, where such cigarettes can only be purchased with a doctor's permission. A doctor's permission is obtained only on the condition that vape electronic cigarettes are used to quit smoking in the adult population.

Doctors in Great Britain are looking complete ban on this type disposable electronic cigarettes (vapes) to prevent increased use among the younger population. The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) said it was "deeply concerned" about the long-term impact of vaping on the health of "young lungs, hearts and brains".

It is added that the vapors from cigarettes disposables have a terrible impact on the environment, with around 1,3 million of them thrown away every week in Britain. Вcoldsthose consultations for the ban on cigarettes end today, after which Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will review measures that include cracking down on fruit flavors and advertising. RCPCH pediatric respiratory specialist Dr Mike McKean said that vajp electronic cigarettes should be banned because, he said, there is absolutely no reason "these cheap, readily available, brightly colored recreational products" should be available for single use.

- This type of cigarettes with different flavors are spreading like an epidemic among children and I fear that unless something is done, we will be in big crisis, that is, their massive spread will continue. The doctor says that his country is not an exception when it comes to banning this type of cigarettes because they are thinking about the same thing countries like Scotland, France, Germany and Ireland.

The use of vape cigarettes among 11- to 17-year-olds has increased by 50 percent in the past year, even though it is illegal to sell to people under 18, the Times reports.

The organization "Action against smoking and health" he called her The British clada to introduce "four major measures" to protect children who are the target of advertisements for veјn They propose to introduce a tax of £5 each cigarette because he is now very cheap and can be bought from pocket money'' that is behind just £2,99.

Australia last month announced a total ban on vape electronic cigarettes unless it is prescribed by a doctor, but the ministers in Оthe united kingdom believe they have an important role in helping adults quit smoking.

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