Velichkovski: Andov was a character with a statesmanlike character, with statesmanlike significance

Ivon Velichkovski / Photo: Sloboden Pechat / Dragan Mitreski

The President of the Movement for a New Republic, Ivon Velichkovski, in an interview with Sloboden Pechat, referred to the face and role of the first President of the Assembly of Macedonia, Stojan Andov, who died yesterday.

"The fact is that in the first Assembly led by Stojan Andov, the key decisions were made, the independence referendum was called, the results of the referendum, which is actually the basis of our independence, were announced. In 1995, after the assassination of Gligorov, he managed to keep the Assembly in line with the maintenance of the temporary agreement, the implementation of which was called into question precisely because of the assassination. Thirdly, in that statesmanship sense in leading the process in the adoption of the constitutional amendments through the framework agreement and all that meant a process of parallel disarmament, de-escalation of the conflict and a political solution through the constitutional amendments," Velichkovski pointed out.

He believes that Andov is an exceptional historical figure, whose works were often underappreciated by the Macedonian public and Macedonian society due to daily political topics.

"He is a character with a statesman's character, with a statesman's significance, for a political figure who leaves a deep impression, and for that reason it was a privilege for me to learn from such a political figure, and of course through historical distance we will have time to see the weaknesses that he did not hide , but especially the significant effects of its operation. His matrix was in the area of ​​reforms and all that meant building the independent Macedonian state," concluded Velichkovski.

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