We are no longer trapped, but a democratic and civil state, says Pero Kostadinov from SDSM

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The judicial system should be a separate authority, but the lost trust in several reports and surveys of public opinion becomes a problem that must be dealt with systematically, said the vice-president of SDSM. Pero Kostadinov, in the guest appearance of TV24.

"We cannot advance in another sphere if we do not have fairness and justice, if the institutions do not function, if those who caused damage as officials do not have responsibility. Everyone should be aware that we are showing progress in certain areas. Today, Macedonia is a democracy with certain shortcomings, and before that we were a captive state. But we have to work on justice," said Kostadinov.

According to him, the division made in society is clear.

"But as a young person, I believe that we should devote a lot of strength there and show that the justice system works." We all have some kind of perception, and that's why I say unequivocally that we need to embark on a serious reform. But as a young man I am sure that the intangible conditions and factors are much more significant than the existential factors themselves. Therefore, it depends on all of us what kind of society we will develop. On many occasions, we have witnessed how the conditions in which we live are suffocated by politics," Kostadinov said.

He added that not only in the justice system, but politics should be outside many spheres.

Our focus should be on developing a civil state, concluded Kostadinov.

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