It's already June, and some of the workers didn't even get paid for February!

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And workers to whom the employer has not paid their salary and paid contributions from their salary for 3 consecutive months, have the right to initiate bankruptcy proceedings, the Law on Bankruptcy provides

It is already June, and almost 23.000 workers are still waiting for their earned February, March and April salaries, the Public Revenue Administration informs "Sloboden Pechat".

More precisely, 6.758 workers have not yet received their salary for February, in March 7.018 people remained without a salary, and 9.074 workers are waiting for the April salary.

The companies are from all sectors, and some of them are repeated. The deadline for submitting M-PIN salary reports is until the 10th of the month, for the previous month, and the obligation to pay salaries is until the 15th of the month. Those who have not paid, receive warnings, and later their account will be blocked.

- For February, a total of 68.994 employers for 554.039 employees had an MPIN obligation. Of these, by May 31 of this year, 62.285 employers paid the MPIN calculation for 543.850 employees, of which 46.584 employers for 469.651 employees paid within the legal deadline until March 15, and the others were late. Until May 31, 1.781 employers for 3.431 employed persons had not paid the MPIN calculation, while 4.928 employers for 6.758 employed persons had not yet submitted the MPIN calculation for February - said the IRS.

It is problematic that the workers wait and do not take advantage of the deadlines, believes Kristina Ampeva from "Glasen textilec". She adds that this leads to the fact that the workers end up without several salaries, and the company goes into bankruptcy, into liquidation...

- That's why we appeal to them not to wait, salary is released until the 15th of the month, together with the contributions. Unfortunately, the IRS system still allows delay in salary, still allows payment of salary below the minimum - Kristina Ampeva from "Glasen Textilec" pointed out recently. Lawyer Donche Stamenkov, on the other hand, adds that it is very important for workers to pay attention to the timing, that is, if their salary is late, they immediately report or hire lawyers who specialize in labor legislation.

The numbers for March of this year are even worse, so according to the IRS, by the end of May, 2.225 employers for 4.747 employees had not paid the MPIN calculation, while 5.139 employers for 7.018 employees had not yet submitted the MPIN calculation. According to the IRS, 9.074 workers are still waiting for their April salary, which 5.529 employers have not paid - the IRS calculated.

According to the Law on Bankruptcy, when the debtor himself determines that he is unable to pay his debts for more than 45 days, he can submit a proposal for opening bankruptcy proceedings. And workers to whom the employer has not paid their salary and paid contributions from their salary for 3 consecutive months, have the right to initiate an initiative before a competent court for the termination of the employer.

Last year's K-15 was not paid by more than 23 thousand companies

By the end of December last year, a total of 23.431 companies did not pay annual leave. According to the data of the Central Registry, there were 80.346 commercial companies in the country last year, which means that almost a quarter did not make their workers happy. Exempt from this data are the budget beneficiaries who have paid annual leave benefits - they are briefed by the IRS. At least on paper and legally, there is no firm that is exempt from paying K-15.

As "Sloboden Pechat" already reported, if the bosses now decide to pay this year's compensation, they should put 13.672 denars into their account. Despite the high fines, last year 3.062 appeals were registered to the SSM for the violated right to annual leave. For non-payment of K-15, a fine of up to 4.000 euros is foreseen, and for employers who demand the return of the money paid, a prison sentence of three months to one year is decided by the SSM.

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