Vedic Astrology: What awaits us in 2022 and what will be the turning point of the year?

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In this 2022, many people will realize that thoughts and desires can be turned into reality. They will realize how strong the power of the mind is and it will begin to affect all aspects of their lives. "April will be a particularly important month this year."mbg".

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The key dates are:

April 12

The transition to the power of consciousness begins in April, the most important month of the year in which Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu, and Ketu (the planets of destiny) simultaneously change signs. The planets undergo a similar radical change as they pass
through new signs.

Before April 12, you may be impatient and think that things will never return to normal. You may begin to doubt your own sense of hope. Here you must remember the third noble truth,
and that is that suffering has an end.

From April 12, your torments are over. Rahu (the "head" leading to the future) meets Ketu (the "tail" that connects us to the ancient past) as they cross into Aries and Libra.

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April 13

At the same time, on April 13, Jupiter, the planet of collective consciousness, will enter its favorite sign Pisces. Jupiter loves Pisces as much as the whale loves the open ocean. This Jupiter transition is perhaps the best thing that will happen in 2022. Jupiter adheres to utopian ideas and spreads them everywhere. Restores collective hope and optimism. A new interest in research and application of consciousness will emerge.

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April 28

And here is Saturn, which crosses Aquarius on April 28, leaves Capricorn and prepares the ground for this great change in the world from January 2020. There is a risk here that you will be disappointed with what you get because you want something else. Saturn can make you cling to obsolescence. However, true to his contradictory nature expressed in the sign of Aquarius, his power is to push humanity forward by changing expectations.

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