Vasko Kovacevski: Electricity for companies is very expensive, measures must be taken

Vasko Kovacevski, director of ESM / photo: Free Press / Dragan Mitreski

"There is no danger for companies to run out of electricity, of course if they have the money to pay for it, but at the moment they are facing a very high price of electricity," Vasko Kovacevski, ESM director, told Sloboden Pecat.

He says that the expectations are for the electricity market to stabilize, but stressed that in the meantime the Government must and will intervene with measures to remedy the situation.

The smallest companies, as well as households, are supplied with electricity by the universal supplier EVN Home, but all others go to the open market through traders.

- If an electricity trader cancels the contract, then EVN as a supplier will ultimately supply the company with electricity. The price at which EVN does that is the one that is on the Hungarian stock exchange HUDEX plus 50 percent - says Kovacevski.

As for the households and small companies that supply electricity from the universal supplier EVN Home, that electricity contingent is fully provided by ESM.

- Our legal obligation is 70 percent, but our electricity is drastically cheaper than that of the free market and in order to protect households, the Government has obliged us to provide 100 percent satisfaction of needs. We do everything in our power to continue to fully meet the needs of households and small companies with domestic electricity - said Kovacevski.


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