Washington expects clarification from Ankara on expulsion of ambassadors of 10 Western countries

US State Department
US Department of State / Photo: Free Press Archive

Washington expects Ankara to clarify Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's emphasis on declaring ambassadors of 10 countries persona non grata. Among them is the head of the US diplomatic mission, the State Department said.

Earlier, European Parliament President David Sassoli described Turkey's actions as authoritarian.

Erdogan has declared ambassadors of 10 Western countries persona non grata. The move announced by Erdogan was because diplomats expressed support and demanded the release of Turkish activist Osman Kavala.

Kavala, an accomplice of a number of civic groups, has been in prison for four years on charges of financing protests across the country in 2013 and involvement in a failed 2016 coup. He remained in custody pending his final trial and has denied the allegations.

In a joint statement on October 18, the ambassadors of Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand and the United States called for a fair and speedy resolution of the Kavala case and its "immediate release." in prison without a verdict, although his release was decided by the European Court of Human Rights in December 2019. They were summoned by the foreign ministry, which called the statement irresponsible.

Source: MIA

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