Vardar defeated Partizan in a fantastic atmosphere for the first victory in SEHA

Photo: RK Vardar

The team of Vardar reached its first victory in the SEHA league after defeating Partizan tonight with 31:26.

Vardar was considered the favorite before the start of the match and justified that role on the field. There was uncertainty in the match, but in the key moments, Vardar showed its quality and won.

The five-time champion showed his experience in this competition, especially in the second half. In the first part, Vardar imposed a pace and in the 19th minute led with 12:8, however, with the mistakes in the defense and the excellent opponent's goalkeeper, Partizan managed to come back with results.

Partizan played well at the start of the second half and with a series of 4:1 they reached the tie 19:19. They maintained uncertainty until the 42nd minute. The strategist of Vardar, Vlado Nedanovski called a time-out and Vardar started to build a more serious advantage which they did not let go until the end.

Manaskov was the most efficient with nine goals, Taleski he scored seven as he had and Stoilov. He was also excellent in goal Martin Tomovski with 14 saves.

The "Committees" were also to be commended, as rarely in a SEHA league match, they were in large numbers and created a fantastic atmosphere.

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