FC Vardar did not receive permission from "PUIG" to play at the "Todor Proeski" Arena

Vardar football players celebrate with the faithful "Comites"/photo: facebook.com/FKVardarSkopje

Today FC Vardar responded by informing that they did not receive a permit to play at the "Todor Proeski" Arena and will play their matches in Majari until the end of the season.

In the following, we bring you the announcement from Vardar.

Due to the underestimating attitude of PUIG towards Vardar, our club will not play at the City Stadium in Skopje until the end of this season.

Despite the fact that we duly sent a letter in which we clearly stated that we will pay the stadium rental amount in full, we received a negative response regarding our request. Let's mention that in addition to everything, we also offered a mechanism through which we could reach a mutual agreement, but we were categorically rejected in this regard as well.

We neither created nor deepened the debt of Vardar, and moreover we are continuously trying to reduce it. You, "gentlemen" from PUIG, today closed the door to the most trophy-winning Macedonian football team and decided not to be part of an honest story that we are creating. We will never forget this and we will never forgive you!

Your names will stand forever on the pillar of shame, in your comfortable armchairs you will never sit still again.

Finally, we would like to tell you that Vardar does not owe you anything. As of today, you are the ones who owe. You will pay dearly for your humiliating act, and we promise that Vardar will once again play in his home... a home in which you will never feel like hosts!

Vardar people, our loyal fans, tomorrow we play the most important match. Our football players need support more than ever. Therefore, the mass presence at the "Boris Trajkovski" stadium is necessary for victory!

Forward Vardar

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