VAR will be used for the first time tonight in Macedonian football

Photo: FFM

VAR technology will be used for the first time in Macedonian football at the final of the Cup of Macedonia between the teams of Tikvesh and Voska Sport. The two teams will fight for their first trophy tonight at the "Todor Proeski" National Arena from 19:00 at the 31st final of the Cup of Macedonia.

The Football Federation of Macedonia received permission from FIFA for the use of video technology for a possible review of the referee's decisions, and at the technical meeting attended by the officials designated for the finals of the Cup of Macedonia and representatives of the teams - finalists, all the details about the use of VAR were shared. the technology.

"The introduction of VAR technology is part of the program of the Football Federation of Macedonia, and we start this project from the final in the Cup of Macedonia. We are following all the necessary steps and have prepared a project plan in order to implement it in the First MFL matches as well. We also follow the strict protocol introduced by FIFA and IFAB. We will start using VAR technology only when IFAB confirms to us that the infrastructure, technology and referees using it are fully ready. We hope that next season we will be able to implement VAR technology in MFL matches. The most important thing is to reduce and eliminate errors, but it is important to remember that the referee on the field still decides everything, and technology only helps him to look at the details"said Igor Frangovski, president of the FFM Competition Commission and delegate to tonight's Macedonian Cup final.

The main referee of the Macedonian Cup final between Tikvesh and Voska Sport is Aleksandar Stavrev. Dejan Kostadinov and Kushtrim Lika are his assistants. Jovan Kachevski is the fourth judge.

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