Vankovska responded to Mickoski: He called me a scumbag, and I am the opposition of everyone

Professor Biljana Vankovska and the president of the Left Party Dimitar Apasiev / photo: "Sloboden Pechat", Slobodan Djuric

The presidential candidate of the Left Party, professor Biljana Vankovska, responded on social networks to the president of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, who accused her, along with the candidate Stevco Jakimovski, of having "a pop role in the first election round as the opposition of the opposition". According to Mickoski, they should have reduced the potential of VMRO-DPMNE candidate Gordana Siljanovska Davkova.

In his presentation, Mickoski asked "whether Vankovska and Jakimovski will remain consistent scoundrels of their employers", which caused a fierce reaction from the two named presidential candidates.

Vankovska is the opposition of everyone, from first to last. Mickoski called me a scumbag. That's right, I was their sweeper in 2019 when I lost my job. They know very well what I did, and I can remind them if they have forgotten. Come on now, play knightly, wrote Vankovska.

Jovana Mojsoska from Levica also had her own reaction to Mickoski's statement.

For Mickoski, Vankovska's role in the first round will only be a show?! What an amazing take on political pluralism and democracy from a leader who can't get out of the mantra of bipartisanship. To call an intellectual like Vankovska, who was a vocal opponent against the three harmful contracts, that she is only for entertainment use is severe political illiteracy. Vankovska mobilized the international public when the disastrous Prespa Agreement was being carried out through letters of support from intellectuals against the name change. Maybe that's the sin that Mickoski can't forgive her because his role was just a show when the name was changed, Mojsoska pointed out.

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