Vankovska close to 10.000 signatures, Jakimovski lacks about two thousand for the presidential candidacy

Photo: Slobodan Djuric / Collage Free Press

The candidate of the Left, Biljana Vankovska, until yesterday evening, collected 9.085 signatures needed for the officialization of the presidential candidacy. Stevco Jakimovski, the GROM candidate, collected 7.994 signatures, according to the data published on the website of the State Election Commission.

Professor Vankovska has already collected over 9.000 signatures in record time, which makes it clear that in these elections, for the first time, Levica will appear with its own candidate for the president of the Republic of Macedonia - say Levica.

If they collect the necessary 10.000 signatures, they will join Bujar Osmani, Maxim Dimitrievski and Arben Taravari in the presidential race.

Photo: Printscreen, State Election Commission

The procedure for collecting signatures, which began on February 23, will last every day from 8 a.m. to 20 p.m., and on the last day, March 8, they will work until midnight. The collection of signatures takes place in all regional departments and offices of the SEC located in the headquarters of 24 local governments and in front of competent notaries.

The participants in the elections should submit the lists of candidates for the president of the state to the SEC no later than March 19, at midnight.

The deadline for collecting signatures applies to both the presidential and parliamentary elections.

The presidential elections are scheduled for April 24, and the second round is on May 8, when the parliamentary elections should also be held.

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