Vanya found dead, she was killed a few hours after the abduction

After extensive measures and activities undertaken by police officers from SVR Skopje, today (03.12.2023) the lifeless body of minor V.G., who was reported missing on 27.11.2023, was found in the vicinity of Skopje, and in the vicinity of Veles, the body of P.Zh. (74) from Veles, who was reported missing on 24.11.2023, was also found. said The prosecution. In connection with the two cases, five people are suspected, three of whom are being detained, one is out of the country, and one person is currently in the police station.

The announcement states that previously, in connection with the crimes, a burnt-out "Citroen" vehicle was found and after expert examinations, material evidence was provided for the involvement of the persons, for which, after fully documenting the cases, appropriate criminal charges will be filed in coordination with the Public Prosecutor. report. From the conducted investigative actions, it was established that both murders were committed by the same persons, whose motive was "selfishness". Also, from the implemented operational measures, it was established that the minor V.G. was taken with a vehicle from the entrance of the residence, and from the provided information from the interrogation, it was established that she was killed on the same day (27.11.2023) around 10.00:XNUMX a.m.

Immediately after receiving the reports for the missing persons, measures and activities were taken to find them, and a special Operational Headquarters was established in SVR Skopje, headed by the head of SVR Skopje. Searches were carried out in homes and other premises in the areas of SVR Skopje, SVR Veles and SVR Shtip, during which mobile phones, computers, vehicles, etc. were found and confiscated, numerous conversations were carried out with families, acquaintances, friends and persons who would they could have any information, and several hundred police officers who worked exclusively on these cases were involved daily in the investigative actions.

Public prosecutors from the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office Skopje and from the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office Veles carried out an inspection of the two locations where the bodies of the missing were found. Orders have been issued for autopsies on the bodies of the victims and for proper identification. Orders have also been issued for the collection and expert examination of all traces and evidence from both locations.

In the days following the disappearance of the two men, public prosecutors issued warrants for searches of multiple locations, securing video surveillance footage, locating based on base stations, analysis and forensics of electronic devices, forensics of material traces and evidence, including the car linked to the event. Persons who could have certain knowledge about the event were interviewed and based on all the collected evidence, the event was cleared in terms of the suspected perpetrators and their motives. After completing the evidence and ordered expert reports, the prosecutor's office will initiate appropriate proceedings against all suspects.

At the same time, contrary to the speculations and misinformation according to which this case has an ethnic background, we inform you that all the suspects are of Macedonian ethnicity.

The Public Prosecutor's Office today lime that the Criminal Court requested the detention of three of the five people that the police detained yesterday, in order to ensure their presence until the event is completely cleared up. The prosecutor's office announced that throughout the day they are taking actions to secure evidence in connection with the case.

The Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski yesterday said that five people have been detained in connection with the case of the disappearance of 14-year-old Vanja Gjorchevska.

Previously, Spasovski informed that the case of the disappearance of 14-year-old Vanja Gjorchevska is the most important a priority of SVR Skopje and that a special headquarters has been established which works in the sector together with the parents, family and acquaintances, friends and classmates of the missing girl.

Vanja Gjorchevska, a 14-year-old student at "J.H. Pestalozzi", disappeared on Monday, November 27 in the morning around 7.25 am, on the way to school. The public was informed about her disappearance by her mother Zorica Gjorchevska, who shared a dramatic appeal on her Facebook profile that her daughter was missing and asked for help from the citizens. The mother's call was massively shared by the citizens, who anxiously followed the development of events and the police investigation regarding the missing girl all week.

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