Vane Cvetanov: There is no longer any danger of being detained, so I am returning to Macedonia!

Former official Vane Cvetanov, who as the president of the Council for Promotion and Supervision of the Audit, received a criminal complaint for abuse of official position and authority, after which he left Macedonia, announced on Facebook that he is returning home.

"Thanks to my sister and brother-in-law for their immense support during my asylum journey in Germany. "Thanks to the amendments to the Criminal Code, the danger of detention no longer exists, so I will return to Macedonia in a month," informed Cvetanov.

Otherwise, on November 18, 2022, the Ministry of Internal Affairs filed a criminal complaint against Tsvetanov for allegedly misusing the budget of 75 thousand euros. According to the report, Tsvetanov made illegal public purchases and took a close person on business trips at the expense of the state.

"During 2021, contrary to the provisions of the Law on Public Procurement, the applicant, without carrying out a public procurement procedure that he was obliged to carry out, procured goods and services from several economic operators in a total amount of 36.954 euros, procurements that exceed the legal the allowed amount of 12.000 euros in the current year for the procurement of goods without a procedure being carried out, while during 2022 he continued his actions and procured goods and services from several economic operators in the total amount of 7.000 euros for which there is a well-founded suspicion that there is no real justification for the purchase of the same for the needs of the body.

He exceeded the limits of his official authority, acting contrary to the Law on the Prevention of Corruption and Conflict of Interest, contrary to the Statute of the body and contrary to the Law on Audit, he concluded three contracts for hiring an external adviser for special purposes in the body with D.T. ., who was his unmarried wife, without any compensation for the hired person. At the same time, these agreements were also used as a basis for joint business trips abroad, for which, on the basis of diaries for business trips and travel and daily expenses, funds in the total amount of 1.525 euros were unfounded and unlawfully paid from the body's account," they stated. from the Ministry of the Interior.

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