On Saturday, a dozen locations in Skopje will host the traditional "White Night"

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Concerts, exhibitions, screenings, poetry readings and performances will take place on the evening of Saturday, September 30, at dozens of locations across the city as part of the traditional White Night cultural event. The event is organized by the "Univerzalna Sala" University, financed by the City of Skopje, and is part of the rich cultural offer of the City of Skopje as the European Capital of Culture 2028.

The central event will be held in front of Porta Macedonia, where the people of Skopje will enjoy the compositions by maestro Kire Kostov, performed by Andriana Janevska, Nade Talevska, Dani Dimitrovska and Lambe Alabakovski, accompanied by the "Big Band" under the baton of Ljupco Mirkovski, and a special visual show with 3D mapping of the gate itself. As a precursor, it will be possible to hear a rock concert of the "Enterprise" music school for the class of students from 10 to 18 years old.

"October Music Walk" will have its first edition at "Shkolka" in the city park, and it will be possible to hear and see the group Pedro Horizonte, Stefan Petanovski Band, Xanadu Band, Dimish Band and DJs: Rasta Girl, Charlie and Jaska.

In the GTC you will be able to see the exhibition "Games and Daydreams" from the Association of Fine Artists of Macedonia, in the Faculty of Dramatic Arts there will be several theater performances as well as a film and music program. On the "Filip Vtori" square, it will be possible to enjoy the performances of Macedonian traditional dances by several cultural and artistic societies.

The Austen Gallery will host the exhibition "The Right to Public Spaces" from the School of Architecture and Design at American College University. In "Kapan An" the project "Nikeja" with Slave Dimitrov and Vesna Djinovska Ilkova will be shown.

Many other contents are planned, the location and time of which the citizens can be informed in detail on the official website of Universal Hall www.univerzalna.com.mk/belanok.

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