Summer time starts on Sunday - what does that mean for our body?

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Before us is summer time, which starts on March 26 this year, which means one hour less sleep, but also an indication of ever sunnier, warmer and longer days.

This weekend, on Sunday morning, the clocks will move from 2 o'clock to 3 o'clock, marking the start of summer time for this year, which will last until October 29 when we return to winter time.

Shorter sleep brings a bit of stress for our organism because it needs time to get used to the new rhythm of sleeping and waking. According to some research, that one hour "stolen" from our sleep is responsible for the feeling of sleeplessness, headaches, strain on the heart and a higher number of traffic accidents, because concentration is weaker due to lack of sleep.

Shifting the clock is not natural to the human body, which should actually be in accordance with natural cycles, not the hands of the clock.

Our body has its own rhythm and is used to sleeping a certain number of hours, waking up at a certain time, etc. If this is disturbed, he perceives it as stress, which is why he needs a few days to adjust.

The number of people who end up in the emergency room for heart attacks has increased by about 25 percent in the days since the clocks changed to daylight saving time, and most of them are female patients, some research shows.

Those who know they suffer from heart problems should be especially careful what they drink and eat on those days and avoid greater physical exertion.

Daylight saving time ends on October 29 at 3 am.



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