Horrible crime in Serbia: She poured gasoline on her son and set him on fire, he came to visit her because she was under house arrest

Serbian police / Photo: MIA

The police from Zrenjanin, on the order of the primary public prosecutor's office in Kikinda, arrested 44-year-old S.M. from the vicinity of Nova Crnja due to the existence of a well-founded suspicion that she committed a crime of domestic violence.

She is suspected of pouring flammable liquid on him last night around 19:XNUMX in the family house in Srpska Crnja after a fight, after which, for reasons still undetermined, the boy's clothes caught fire.

The boy was diagnosed with severe physical injuries in the Emergency Center of the hospital in Zrenjanin, after which he was transferred to the Plastic Surgery Clinic in Novi Sas.

To S.M. she was detained for 48 hours and she will be detained at the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office in Kikinda with a criminal report.

The boy A.T. is in a serious condition, while his father Rade told the media that he does not understand how the mother could have hurt her child.

- He is my oldest son. This is a big wound for me and it is difficult for me to speak. He suffered burns, more than 50 percent, he will probably lose his vision and his hair is completely burned, his father said.

He points out that he is aware that his son sometimes knew how to provoke his mother, but he cannot find a reason for what happened.

- What mother can do this to her child: He left me, went to another man. Aco was angry about that and I understand it, he knew how to insult her, but there are no things he could have said to her, so that she would set him on fire for that, he says.

The suspected woman was serving a sentence of house arrest without electronic monitoring, and her son came to visit her when, after a quarrel, she poured gasoline on him and set him on fire.

According to her younger son, she left the eight children with her first husband and went to live with another man who was also an alcoholic. She was punished for inflicting grievous bodily harm, but did not spend time in prison.

- If he had received a prison sentence, none of this would have happened, says the son.

The investigation into the case is ongoing, but it cannot be determined whether she really poured gasoline on her son and set him on fire. The injured boy was not questioned due to his poor condition, according to the investigation into this heinous act.

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