Horror in Serbia: Brother and sister killed their stepmother, stabbed their father 41 times

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The twenty-three-year-old M.P. from the village of Trešnjevica near Paraqin was arrested on suspicion of having killed his father's partner, and then tried to kill his father Milos P.

His sister MP was also arrested. at the age of 27 who is suspected of the crime of attempted murder in complicity.

The boy admitted to the police station this morning that he attacked his father, but also stated that he killed his stepmother, Marina M. The police patrol immediately went to the scene of the crime, and the lifeless body of the deceased was found upside down in a pool of blood.

It is unusual that despite the inflicted 41 stab wounds, the father managed to grab the knife and ran to the neighbors, from where they called the police and emergency services, which repaired his injuries at the hospital in Paraqin

The brother and sister are in custody.

"I talked to my mother yesterday afternoon. Everything was fine. She was walking to the dumpster to throw away the trash, preparing firewood for the evening. There was no indication that this could happen."

This is the statement for Blic.rs by Violeta Živanović Krkić, daughter of Marina M, who was brutally murdered last night in her house in the village of Trešnjevica near Paraqin.

Violeta points out for Blitz.rs that her mother got along well with Milos, with whom she was in an extramarital relationship for ten years, but not with his two children - Milica and Marko.

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