We could not inspect the electrical installation in the modular building in Tetovo because the building was flat, the experts said at the trial

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Regarding the electrical installation, we were on site in the modular building, but due to the fact that the building was completely burned down, unfortunately we could not carry out an inspection, the expert testified Vlatko Stoilkov from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Skopje.

According to his statement that he gave today at the court hearing on the Tetovo modular hospital case in which 14 patients were burned alive, the power supply for the modular hospital was in accordance with the project.

"The power supply was in accordance with the regulations. Regarding the installation, we could not do the inspection on site in the modular hospital in Tetovo itself because it was completely burned down. We inspected two other modular hospitals in Gostivar and Kavadarci, in which we checked whether the equipment corresponds to the project and determined that the modular hospitals were built in accordance with the law," testified expert Vlatko Stoilkov from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Skopje.

At the hearing, two nurses gave their statements, who were called as witnesses by the defense of the third accused, doctor Boban Vucevski.

"I cannot tell you who was the creator of the modular hospital. The head nurse called me and told me that I will be hired in the modular hospital. I had noticed fire extinguishers, and on the entrance door of the modular, it was written forbidden entry, one of the nurses testified.

"We were too busy, I think there were PP machines in the room of the medical staff and there was a sign on the front door of the modular hospital saying no entry, another nurse testified.

And today before the court hearing, Tetovo citizens with a peaceful protest in front of the Tetovo court with support for the third accused doctor Boban Vucevski.

Photo: Free Press

"Let's support the doctor, the whole public knows that he is not guilty, someone else should be held accountable, we know that the doctor worked tirelessly during the entire pandemic, which was done for the patients, and now an innocent man is on trial. The fault should be sought with other people who brought those defective sheds, we know who the man is and now the one who brought those sheds should be tried," said a resident of Tetovo.

"Full support for the doctor, we all know who that doctor is, he was with the patients for 24 hours and we think he is unfairly accused. It is not possible for the hospital, if it is in order, to burn down completely in such a short time. They made the doctor a scapegoat, just to justify themselves in front of the families of the dead, here we started the court procedure," added a tattoo artist.

The next trial is scheduled for April 6, at which defense witnesses will testify. The closing arguments will follow, and then the announcement of the verdict.

In the case of the modular hospital, the Tetovo Prosecutor's Office charged the two directors Florin Besimi и Artan Etemi for the crime of serious crimes against general security and doctor Boban Vucevski for the crime of not acting according to health regulations during an epidemic, while the legal entity PHI Clinical Hospital Tetovo for crimes of causing general danger and not acting according to health regulations during an epidemic.

In October 2021, after the expert opinion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Prosecutor's Office informed that the fire in the modular building was caused by a burning extension cable, to which a defibrillator-reanimation device, a mobile phone charger and another device were connected.

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