MORNING BRIEFING There are places in the dormitories, they also apply for a subsidized meal

Evgenija Janakieska, MES / Morning briefing

The call for students to apply for student places in dormitories in the country continues until September 24. We talked to Evgenija Janakieska, a youth officer at the Ministry of Education and Science, about the conditions and documents required for registration.

Applications are currently being made for students enrolling for the first year for the first time, and there are 1249 vacancies available in dormitories across the country.

Documents require confirmation of full-time student status, that the student is a citizen of Macedonia and that they have not repeated more than one academic year. The application is submitted electronically on e-services or in paper form, which requires a copy for high school and proof that the student has been admitted to the faculty, a statement of family property status, and for children without parents and children with special needs is required and proof of their status.

For the remaining students of higher years, the call for the remaining places in the dormitories continues until November 15 or until the remaining places are filled.

Regarding the subsidized student meal in the monthly amount of 2400 denars, 21.639 requests were received, and 18.149 were approved. The next deadline is October for first year students. All full-time students at public and private universities who have a lower income than the minimum wage and are not employed or registered as farmers are entitled to this measure.

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