The Infectious Diseases Commission is meeting at noon tomorrow, it is possible to recommend the introduction of measures

Commission for Infectious Diseases Mehmedovi--Petliчкоkovski (1)
Dr. Aleksandar Petliчкоkovski and Dr. Zlate Mehmedovi / / Photo: MIA

The Commission for Infectious Diseases will hold a meeting at exactly noon tomorrow to discuss the current epidemiological situation in the country, confirmed to MIA Dr. Zlate Mehmedovic, spokesperson of the Commission.

– The Commission for Infectious Diseases will meet tomorrow at 12 noon and we will see what will be discussed at the meeting. The epidemiological situation will be discussed or the recommendations will be made at tomorrow's meeting, in the form of recommendations or conclusions and will be shared immediately after the meeting, said Mehmedovic.

In the last session, the Commission on Infectious Diseases did not adopt additional restrictive measures. At that meeting, the Commission appealed to the citizens to take care of their own health, to avoid visits in closed and unventilated rooms, except when it is urgent. In such cases, it is recommended to wear a protective mask and maintain a distance.

The measures for mandatory wearing of a protective mask in public transport, health facilities, pharmacies and facilities for the care of adults and persons with disabilities remain valid.

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